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Here we have some pictures of traditional and none-traditional activities in Jamaica that are offered in the tour packages.

Zip-lining is only one of many activity that is offered in our Adventure Tour package.

Enjoy water sport on our white sandy beaches.

Enjoy the thrills of jumping off the cliff at the Rick’s Cafe or enjoy a relaxing even with live entertainment and great food while the sun sets.

One of Jamaica’s most famous attraction the Dunn’s River Falls. Here you can climb the falls or enjoy the beach located at the end of the river or simply shop for souvenirs such as painting, jewelry, carvings, or clothes.

Check out out river adventure tour package which has a mixture of moderate to mile river activities.

Swim with the dolphins in Jamaica. Although we do not have that activity in any of our tour packages we can modify any package to include this activity.

Have some coconut water freshly picked from the tree.

Indulge in our local food, Jamaica’s favorite dish Chicken and Rice and Peas.

Here is Boston Jerk Pork, it is slowly roasted on top of pimiento wood (pimento is a spice) with natural seasoning such as thyme, onion, scallions and pepper and more.

Finished product of the Jamaican Jerk Pork with a little homemade pepper sauce on the side for a dip, if you like it spicy.

Jewellery from a local jeweler who makes and sell them. There are wider verity available at specific location.

Port Royal as named in many famous movies. Known as one of the wickedest and most sinful city in the world. Check out or cultural tour for more details and cultural activities.

Rafting of the Rio Grande, this is Jamaica’s biggest river. You would sit on the raft and journey down the river on the crystal clear water drinking a beer if you wish.

Check out our romantic Getaway Tour or let us plan one with your lover ‘s preference in mind.

Enjoy your best Vacation ever!

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